Do You Already Have an Architect?

If you’re embarking on a home renovation project, you may already have an architect on board to help design your new and improved living space. Touchstone Remodelers is ready to help, whether or not you’ve retained a design or architecture professional.

The earlier we enter your renovation process, the better: Our core staff and expert subcontractors can ensure that you get the most bang for your buck out of a home renovation—whether it’s a kitchen remodel, a bathroom update, a new basement, or an addition. Touchstone can work with you and your architect to make a smoothly executed, on-time, on-budget home renovation project possible by identifying cost-savings opportunities, assisting with selections, overseeing project scheduling and progress, and keeping you informed about your renovation’s progress. Enjoy a more pleasant, cost-effective, custom home remodeling project by adding Touchstone Remodelers, LLC to your renovation team.

What We Offer

Project-Management Expertise: Careful project organization and seamless execution are among Touchstone’s top priorities for every client: We take pride in keeping your renovation on schedule and within budget. Touchstone Remodelers teams up with your architect and/or other design professionals to plan and complete your project, enabling all participants to work productively for you. At the same time, we provide you with the experts you need in every area of home renovation—carpenters, electricians, tile installers, plumbers, and more. Touchstone Remodelers leverages online project-management tools and personal attention to each renovation initiative—guaranteeing transparency, scheduling clarity and efficiency, and access to photos and information about your remodeling process.

Realistic, On-Point Budgeting: At Touchstone Remodelers, LLC, your budget matters. Our thoughtfully created bids reflect the high quality of our workmanship and the realities of construction and renovation—as well as our commitment to giving you the very best value for your money. During the design phase, we can help you stay on budget by making sure the proposed plans line up with your budget and needs. The result: We can avert the need for major reworks, which eat up time and funds.

Perspective and Input from Construction Experts: Bringing us on board as early as possible in your home renovation process means—ideally before completing the design phase—means that our Touchstone team can offer the construction experts’ angle, ensuring that we find the optimal outcome to your renovation goals. Ultimately, our job is to make your dreams, needs, and blueprints a safe, beautiful, and long-lasting living space. We can help you and your design group with layout, budget, materials, finishing details, and troubleshooting.

Savings: Whether your architectural plans are still in the works or essentially complete, our trained and experienced project managers can suggest opportunities for cost cutting that retain or even increase your home renovation’s quality and usefulness. At Touchstone, we plan ahead, breaking your remodeling project into phases and preparing for long-lead materials and building aspects. This forward planning, together with our rigorous personal attention to clients, shaves time and cost from your renovation or addition project.

Assistance with Project Decisions: From hardware to flooring to appliances to closet dimensions, home renovations demand a stunning number of choices. The process can be daunting, but we’re here to help. Touchstone Remodelers can, if you desire, work with your architectural and/or design teams to select products based on your desires and needs, saving you time and giving you the benefit of our years of on-the-ground home renovation experience. We’re also here to offer our clients curated choices, giving you practical, beautiful options for every aspect of a remodeling project or addition.

Streamlined Renovation Process—and Peace of Mind: At Touchstone, forward planning is our watchword. We stage each aspect of your remodeling project using our online project-management software; we also assign a project manager to oversee each renovation personally. Our clients and their architectural and design professionals always have direct access to their project manager, ensuring total transparency in scheduling, progress, budget, and visuals. You benefit from a far more enjoyable and efficient home renovation process, honed to its best possible value and outcome.