Basements and Additions

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Basements and Additions Home Remodeling

Finished basements, apartments, home theaters, game rooms, and guest bedrooms/suites add living space, market appeal, and value to your home. The Touchstone team will ensure that your architect’s and/or designer’s plans become reality, on time, on budget, and with the highest-quality workmanship.

If you’ve begun to outgrow your current home but love your DC, Maryland, or Virginia location, an interior or exterior addition offers the opportunity to maximize your property value and personalize your space to your family’s needs. Touchstone Remodelers will work with you and your designer and/or architect to create the addition that best meets your needs and fulfills your vision. At a cost far lower than that of purchasing a new home, Touchstone Remodelers can help you build a new space and reconceive existing space, tailoring your home’s footprint to your family’s dreams.

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